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Idea for breakfast

Idea for breakfast

My breakfast today : oatmeal with peanut butter, apple and tangerine; cup of coffee; salad-mix of tangerine, red apples, kiwi.
For my healthy project

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Hamilton–Ward Three: Bob

Hamilton--Ward Three: Bob

In Hamilton’s Ward Three, 41% of the households (that is households, not individuals) have annual incomes of less that $30,000. I saw Bob opposite St. Patricks where the church provides free breakfasts and lunches to the homeless in the area. He is looking at the thank you card I give to everyone who assents to having a photograph taken. Taken on a Rolleiflex TLR using Tri-x 400, F8 @ 1/125. Developed in Blazinal for 13 minutes.

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Rice as breakfast, lunch and dinner ….

Posted by Henk oochappan on 2017-06-06 17:07:03

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Mainly open for breakfast, brunch and lunch in the afternoon tea style, you’ll occasionally find that the Wellcome Kitchen (located within the Wellcome collection) open on an evening, which is when we caught them. You can find it opposite the Reading Room on level 2. The menu isn’t particularly adventurous but the food is consistently of a good quality, and reasonably priced for such a prestigious location. Nice crockery too :3

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