12th March – a great breakfast

12th March - a great breakfast

After the selfies, the second theme of the weekend was definitely food (primarily avocado) and drink (primarily tea, with a bottle or two of wine for good measure). We stumbled across this fabulous cafe/bar for lunch yesterday (by virtue of it being the only nice looking cafe with space for 7 of us), tried to return for a drink that evening (but it was full) and made sure we were there within minutes of it opening this morning for breakfast. The food didn’t disappoint – the veggie breakfast was not only delicious but looked particularly photogenic. We washed it down with a mug or two of tea (or in Gail’s case, a mug or seven) which set us up well for a morning of wandering the sights/shops/city walls.

Such a lovely weekend, and it really felt like a full weekend with the speedy trains meaning we didn’t leave until 4pm (and still home by 6.30). I can’t wait for the next one.

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